My name is Eric Cremers. I was born in Maastricht, Holland, in 1953 and after I finished art academy in 1979 I was an art teacher in High School for 28 years.In 2009 I started to work as a full time artist and in 2012 my wife and I moved to the Dutch caribean island of Bonaire.

Ever since the beginning of my artistic activities I have been fascinated by things that show the traces of a long existence,which explains why I started making ceramic mummies, old temples and shipwrecks. Many travels around the world provided me with a valuable source of inspiration. That  resulted in  making my 'Habitats', architectural objects that show how people all over the world shape or could shape their buildings. In the end this lead to the 'Favela's ' (piled up slums), that have been my main subject for a long time. I use cartboard, wood, textiles and organic things like palm leaves, branches, cocos and cactus. The theme of Habitats fascinates me most and has therefore become my main subject. Being an artist for me is a great adventure. I would like you to take a look at what I have done so far and who knows, maybe one day we will meet on Bonaire as a result. I certainly hope so!